8 Overrated Travel Destinations You Should Avoid

Overrated Travel Destinations 2017

Overrated travel destinations aren’t as obvious as they should be. Locals avoid the place like the plague and they’re advertised everywhere in travel brochures or even online.

To get an “authentic” taste of the culture and not pay an arm-and-a-leg for meals and souvenirs, maybe it’s time to throw guidebooks away and maybe ask a local?

Beijing, China

One word: smog.

If you go to Beijing on a bad day (and there are plenty of those), you’re going to feel like you have a smoker’s lung.

Overrated Travel Destination
Beijing, China

Cairo, Egypt

There’s something mystifying about visiting the pyramids, right? Trust me when I say there’s nothing nice about Cairo. Vendors there prey on tourists like you and me and basically kidnap you without negotiating price on camel rides. You want to get off? Well, prepare to pay an amount you two never agreed on. You’ll even get charged for asking directions.

Cancun, Mexico

Yes, Cancun is beautiful, but it’s become way too crowded and touristy in recent years. Might I suggest Tulum?

Dunn’s River Falls, Jamaica

These waterfalls are amazing in their own right, but when you have to hold hands with your tour group like worker ants to climb into the waterlogged, slippery hill, only to be met with fellow visitors filling every nook and cranny of the water, it kind of makes you want to stay home.

Hollywood, USA

Believe it or not, Hollywood is not all glam and glamour. In fact it’s dirty. And it’s literally just a strip — the Walk of Fame is not as interesting as you might think. You’re going to see a lot of homeless people and drunks.

The Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy

Located in Pisa, Italy, this marvelous piece of architecture is famous for its tilt (which has been stabilized in the 21st century).

But, if you want to see hundreds of people pretending to push the tower back up for photos and wait an eternity to walk up the tower, this place is for you.

As my friend once called it: “The Leaning Tower of Pisa is the biggest tourist trap in all of Italy. Maybe Europe.”

However, Piazza del Duomo is absolutely marvelous.

Overrated Travel Destination 2017
Leaning Tower of Pisa

Majorca, Spain

The island of Majorca is full of natural beauty, but that’s not what you should be worried about. If peace and quiet is what you’re looking for, go elsewhere. You’re only going to find drunk European college students filling out their fantasies over Spring Break here. And they’re not even the friendly bunch.

Paris, France

You’ve probably heard it from a bunch of people who have visited this historical city. It’s often touted for its beauty, but people are quick to forget (or maybe willfully blind) that Paris smells, it’s dirty, and its people are just plain rude.

Have you heard of Paris syndrome? It’s when people go to Paris and they realize it’s nothing like what they’ve imagined and they suffer a mental breakdown.

Overrated Travel Destination 2017
Paris, France

There you have it.

Any other overrated travel destinations you can think of?

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