Finding Ways To Increase Your Income Before Traveling

People tend to think of travel as leisure. It absolutely is. But as a way of life? Maybe not many people think about that. But I have. I know it’s not a new idea under the sun, but it means I’d be giving up a lot of daily habits and luxuries that I’d probably not experience often on the road (or in the air).

I’ve come to terms with that. I mean, I’m downsizing in my life. I’m going to start cataloging my books to sell online, take note on what clothes I wear the most often — and if I’ll need them in warmer climates, canceling subscriptions I hardly ever use (sorry Hulu!), and taking mental note on what I can give out to friends and family before I leave.

I recently sold a very personal possession of mine — a bass guitar I bought in the heyday of high school, when I was part of a fledgling rock band. I lugged that instrument around with me back and forth from Buffalo, where I lived for five years finishing up a BA in English (I stayed an extra year to help write a book). I had a great time with it, but I didn’t need it anymore. In fact, I managed to get almost $300 for it and I turned around and bought a new pair of running sneakers. (I love to run.)

By selling what I don’t use (and don’t want anymore), I think I can slowly save up to my goal: $20,000 in savings before I fly off to Mexico City.

I’ve also devised some plans to help me create income while traveling. It comes in the way of dropshipping. It’s basically a middleman scenario, where you are the mediator between warehouses (who don’t sell to consumers) and consumers. Seems easy, right? Not at all from what I’ve researched. You have to find a target niche and figure out what items are sold consistently every season. That’s a lot of items to look for (and go through), but it sounds like it’s worth it and I might give it a go.

And here’s my tentative travel plan:

  • Mexico City (1 month)
  • Bogota (2 weeks)
  • Armenia (2 weeks)
  • Medellin (2 months)

I can also supplement my income by teaching English (or Korean). I’m taking a course in getting my TEFL and so far, so good! Need a discount code? Use this: FARANGDA to help you save more than 35% on your course!

If you have any suggestions on what I can do to increase my income while traveling, or suggestions on destinations, or what I should do for fun, please leave a comment!

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