I Quit Drinking Coffee Two Months Ago

I love coffee. I love the smell of it, I love the taste of it. I love the buzz you get when you wake up in the morning and smell a cup of freshly brewed coffee. It’s heaven.

But I gave it up. And it’s been two months now since I’ve had a taste of coffee.

In fact, I’ve given up caffeine entirely. I’m working solely on my adrenaline and whatever hormones that I have. No additional juice to boost my concentration or creativity.

Apparently I have a lot of adrenaline to begin with. And compounding caffeine makes my anxiety get worse and worse and worse — I used to drink 4-5 cups a day!

I used to drink coffee before I’d go on a run. I read somewhere that it helps with performance, and it works! The caffeine blocks some pain receptors and helps you go farther and faster. But you get dehydrated quicker, too.

Coffee dates? Forget it. Maybe tea dates, but that doesn’t sound as catchy as “coffee dates”.

But it’s not like my life has been completely changed.

I feel much more mellow now. I hardly ever feel anxious. I used to feel anxious all the time (and I think a lot of that was due to my high coffee intake).

I feel less stressed out. I can sleep easier at night.

I finished a sub-two hour half marathon without coffee. I don’t drink coffee before I run! I drink water and eat a bunch of carbs about two hours before I go running.

It feels like I have more energy now, consistently, than when I’d drink coffee, because I’d come down hard from a caffeine high.

I don’t miss that crash at all.

quit drinking coffee 2017
I miss that smell…

When I quit cold turkey, I expected headaches and grouchiness, but I experienced none of that.

And thank goodness, too.

I won’t lie, though. I feel like having a cup or two sometimes. It’s really tempting, but I think about how I’d feel after draining that delicious cup down to its last drop.

Walking by coffee shops — and there are a lot of them in NYC — is difficult.

I have it under control. I won’t start. Maybe in a couple of more months, I’ll drink a cup.

Just one cup, though. No more.

And here’s a story about drinking coffee I wrote a long time ago while drinking coffee. It’s published in 3:am Magazine.

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