NYC Amateur Photography Meet Ups And How To Approach A Model

On Sunday afternoon, there was a photography meet up sponsored by Rob Morales Photo Agency at Brooklyn Bridge Park.

The weather was very different from Saturday, which was sunny and very warm. Sunday was cloudy and windy, and a bit moody. That didn’t stop people from coming out to the meet.

As usual, the photographer to models ratio was significantly skewed (more photographers), but I’m not complaining. It’s a great way to network with people (both photogs and models) and make friends.

In fact, I’ve seen a couple of people at similar meet ups and we’ve begun to recognize and message each other on Instagram! I’ve also gotten an inquiry for a potential film shoot!

I enjoy going to the meet ups because you’re exposed to people with a variety of styles. And cameras. The more “pro photogs” have higher-tier equips. The hobbyists (like myself) tend to have entry-level with kit lenses, or maybe a prime.

I’m not judging anyone at all. I like my camera (but I’d love to upgrade, because the crop sensor really kills me), and everyone starts from somewhere.

The event was supposed to run from 4pm to 7pm. We started a bit late, and I’m assuming it went a little over 7pm (I left around 6:30).

I learned some things about approaching people (or models) at events like this.

  1. Have a location in mind!
  2. Approach and smile!
  3. Be courteous.
  4. Ask them if you can take a quick shot of them.
  5. Talk about the event or how long they’ve been modeling while walking to the location as an icebreaker.
  6. Joke around.

Simple, simple!

There are a couple of things I don’t like about these meet ups:

  1. When you set up your shot and people start gathering around you to take photos.
  2. People inadvertently walk into your shot.
  3. The photogs to models ratio.
  4. Space.
  5. Similar ideas.

This would’ve been a sweet shot if it weren’t for the people in the background.

BUT, these meet ups are a fantastic place for both amateur photogs and pros. Networking in the photography world is important and these meet ups are the place to do it!

See you at the next one.


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