The Social Aspect Of Individual (Solo) Workouts

The concept of making individual (solo) workouts into something social is really interesting to me.

It keeps you in check. You’re letting the world (or within that app) see how far you’ve come from the beginning, or you’re setting a goal and everyone is rooting for you to achieve it.

I liked how simple RunKeeper was, but with Strava (add me!), I’m getting actual feedback from fellow runners.

They’re acknowledging my presence and in turn, I see them working out and that motivates me to keep going.

I think that’s really awesome. It gives me a sense of community that I haven’t quite experienced before. (I’m not willing to join a running club because I want to feel like it’s something I want to do, not feel obligated to go run, or feel competitive. BUT I don’t know. I don’t know what to expect in a running club. I’ve never been in one before. So I guess it’s unfair to say, “I’ll never join one, because so-and-so.”)

This morning, I ran just under five miles. Last night, I did almost eight. Tomorrow… Tomorrow, we’ll see how well I run. I’m hoping to hit nine.

Tonight is going to be a stretching night because I can feel my thighs are tight already from sprinting. I also have a tight hamstring. I’ve been stretching that sucker since Sunday night and it’s still killing me.

I like to keep track of my runs. It gives me an idea of how my body is evolving. Or devolving.

This weekend should have killed my body (not literally). I went out and partied all weekend, ate like crap, but I was still able to hit an 8:01/mi pace on Monday night.

Not too shabby.

This morning was a bit tough — I didn’t have any breakfast, which meant that I was craving carbs (or whatever) by the end of mile four.

Kind of crazy to see that my pace increased dramatically. Not that crazy, because I know I needed fuel in my system. All I had was water!

It was humid today, too. Even at 7AM.

I bought complex carbs to help me run. I’ll be drinking a mixture of that to boost my energy. I guess I’ll need a water bottle, too. Anyone recommend a good one to run with?

Last night, I decided to go healthy. By healthy, I mean eating less processed foods. More cooking. More…wholesome(?) meals. So I cut up an orange bell pepper and ate it. That’s really unusual for me because I’m not really into bell peppers. But it was crispy and sweet and just what I needed after my run!

I made pozole today and it is absolutely delicious!

I’m planning to make Slow Cooker Taco Chicken Bowls tomorrow. And One Pot Sausage And Mushroom Pasta on the weekend. I’m planning to substitute the sausage out for duck instead. I bought smoked duck meat and it’s been sitting in my freezer. It’s about time to finish that thing.

Here’s my general direction on my new healthy eating:

  • More lean meats (chicken, turkey, fish)
  • Incorporate more vegetables into dishes
  • Stay away from heavily processed foods
  • Less dining out
  • Drink more water (+ lime)

Five simple rules. I should be able to keep them, right?

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