Time Is Money, Or Some Variant Of That

I have a plan.

It’s nothing sophisticated, but I’ve been able to cross some things off of my list to actualize my plan.

So far, it’s all going swimmingly well.

Now I’m going to look for a weekend job to help me increase my income to invest in things I care about.

I’ve always been told that Time = Money.

I’ve been able to break my time down to this:

  • Work
  • Sleep
  • Passion Projects
  • Free Time

Work and sleep take up the majority of my time. Here’s a pie chart to show that.

This is completely excluding commute time, and not taking weekends into account.

I mean on a good day, I’d expect to sleep less to increase free time, which is time for passion projects.

Passion project: I’m slowly paving the way for myself to get into fashion photography.

I’ve been researching studios and getting stylists for a shoot I’d like to do.

I’m going to need at least six outfits for the model, which is why I need a studio.

I plan to submit it to a magazine. I won’t say which one yet.

Passion project: I’ve obtained a license to teach English overseas.

Passion project: I’m learning Spanish on my own.

Anyway, my plan. It’s a pretty cool plan — at least, for me it is.

In two years, I’ll be moving out of New York City. For good.

Should I write a “Farewell To New York” post? It’s pretty cliche, isn’t it?

Maybe that’s why I’ve been taking photos of the city. To remember.

Remember the places I’ve been, the places I’ve seen. Memories.

Painful memories, exciting memories, fun memories. Wistful memories.

But right now, my plan is to keep chugging along. Keep it going. Else New York is going to eat you up before you have the chance to leave on your own terms. And that’s what leaving NYC is about. On your own terms. Not because the city brought you to your knees.

I’d love to buy a Canon 6D and a 24-70mm lens (I know, expensive). But I’m also saving up for my move.

Decisions, decisions.

I also want to buy a 85mm lens, too.

I have an expensive habit.

But right, my plan. I’ve only touched on it.

My plan is this:

  • save up at least $11,000 (on top of what I already have) [two year goal]
  • become somewhat fluent in Spanish (I’ve been learning it for the past two months on my own) [two year goal]
  • get published in some fashion magazine (I don’t care which one) [end of year 2017 goal]
  • run a half marathon in under 1:45:00 [end of summer 2017 goal]
  • purchase the Canon 6D [november goal]
  • purchase the 24-70mm lens [november goal]

I have to figure out if I’m going to re-sign the lease at my current apartment.

We’ll see.

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