Waking Up Early And Going For A Run

The weather is finally getting there. By getting there, I mean in the 90s. It finally feels like summer.

I’ve been waiting for these temperatures.

I always wake up early in the summer. I sleep late and I wake up early. Not a great thing to do, but that’s what the weekends are for…right?

Today, I woke up at 6, got ready and went out for a morning run.

Lately, I’ve been getting up at 6 — when my alarm rings — then I’d turn it off and sleep until 8. Not good.

So I thought I’d switch it up for the duration of the summer. Run early in the morning so that I have time to whatever it is I want to do or need to do later in the day. (I usually have photoshoots after work, so that was interfering with my running!)

I ran a relatively short 5.66 miles at 7:53 min pace. My head started pounding because I didn’t drink any water after I woke up. Very silly move.

According to RunKeeper, that was my third fastest run in the 5 to 7 mile range.

I recently read an article about counting your breathing to alternate between steps. So three beats to inhale, two beats to exhale. This way, your breathing is spaced evenly out between your steps. An interesting theory. I tried it on my run. Focusing on my breathing made me breathe even more, and I think it helped me on my run — I got a boost of energy on the second mile and onwards.

Anyway, I’m going to try for another early morning run tomorrow. I’d like for this to become a habit! (Anyone have tips to make sure I develop some sort of discipline?)

It feels great to have gone out running first thing in the morning.

Why? Well, I don’t feel tired at all.

In fact, I’d be sleepy by 2PM. I actually cut off caffeine, so I’d try to get my blood pumping with some pushups or walking to get lunch.

I did neither of those things today because I feel great!

I feel very calm and not agitated. I got a lot of work done today thanks to a boost in focus and concentration. Very cool stuff.

A couple of things I felt/thought of while running:

The sun wasn’t beating down on me, so it was nice and breezy. And cool.

Nice to see people out running in the park. Early runners get the props.

Great lighting for selfies. Not that I take them, but you know. Good to know.

Not bogged down by a list of things to complete before the day ends — because the day’s just started!

You get to see people going to work.

Also, the subways are practically empty.

Breakfast tastes even better — and because you did something healthy, you want to eat some healthy stuff.

Today, I made myself an apple, blueberry and strawberry shake with a spoonful of coconut oil, chia seeds, and turmeric powder, and almond milk.

I don’t have the exact recipe, but that’s that I used. Try it sometime!

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