Weekend Of Firsts

This past weekend was quite eventful.

I managed to get my average pace to hover around eight minutes per mile for my 13.1. I almost beat my personal goal, which is to run a sub 1:45:00. I did 1:45:42. If I didn’t stop to fuel up, I might’ve been able to beat it. Or if I had more fuel in the tank, I might’ve been able to be faster.

I’ve been taking highly branched cyclic dextrin, recommended to me by a friend who does extreme weightlifting. (Like lifting cars and the like.) It actually helped me with my run, giving me a boost in endurance. The carbs break down fast, so that means my liver isn’t working hard to process the sugars in my body.

I drink a 16oz mixture with HBCD and water about 20 minutes before I go out for my run. I’ll also bring a 16 to 20oz mixture with me on long runs. And the difference is phenomenal. I highly recommend it. I got my mixture from True Nutrition. It really works and I’ve incorporated into my routine.

Okay, enough about my run.

I got to see my friends play their first show on tour on Saturday night. You guys killed it! Support Swanky Tiger! (I also took their band photos!) Also, it was my first time having enough energy to go out after running a half marathon!

Check out their bandcamp! And Youtube! And their website!

Oh, and there’s more!

I’m proud to say that I’m now the manager of Jazz Egger, model and creator of #TruthBehindThisShot and writer.

Shot by Robert Sakowski

We first became acquainted after helping to get her hashtag go viral (we made it happen, I know, just check the timestamp on Distractify’s article that Margot wrote, we broke the story for once!). Then she reached viral fame again after it was revealed that she had the most Tinder superlikes on this planet. Wild stuff.

She wrote the Medium article and I helped her shop it around to media outlets — when she tweeted her Medium piece out, a journalist in New Zealand asked if she could write a piece on her expose. Thought Catalog also republished her article.

Anyway, Jazz is based in Europe and I’ll be helping her best I can from my New York position.

Photo: Flemming Skov Pedersen

We worked tirelessly over the weekend designing her website and making sure everything was in place for her latest article. We’re hoping it gets more reach.

Our plans right now is to focus on social. And I’m developing a strategy to extend her influence and brand.

WE’RE BOTH SO EXCITED TO BE WORKING TOGETHER! (The contract is signed and done, so it’s official.)

Media people, HIT ME UP.

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