What I Learned From Having A MUA On Site

I finally worked with a MUA this past weekend. I met up with her beforehand on Thursday to get an idea of what she was like.

Turned out that she was incredibly knowledgeable about her field and extremely passionate about it. That’s exactly who I’d like to work with.

Saturday, I had an early morning shoot with a model and Jesse, the MUA.

Fortunately, everyone arrived close to the call time (9:30AM) even with the changes in subway lines thanks to the ongoing construction by the MTA.

The call read like this:

  • Meet at 9:30AM.
  • Setup / Makeup: 9:45 – 10:30
  • Shoot: 10:30 – 11:30
  • Wrap: 11:45

Unfortunately, we couldn’t set up until around 9:55, which pushed the shoot time until later. I managed to get only 45 minutes with the model, but I was prepared with locations, so that helped out a considerable amount.

Having a MUA on site really helped me get a feel for what aesthetic I wanted to pull off in the shot. She suggested complementary color schemes to fit her outfit and at times, the background, and it was really great to have an expert like her on the shoot with me.

It also reminded me that working as a team, you have to be flexible. Not just on ideas, but with time.

If someone is late, and you’re depending on them to do something, then the shoot is going to be delayed. And at times, there’s nothing you can do about it.

Also, meeting her beforehand helped us gel as a team much better than if we had met on the day of the shoot. Instead of making small conversations and asking questions, we already knew certain things about each other from our previous meet. That really helped, and I think it took some pressure off of her, too. And I’m calm, the model is calm. And if the model is calm, then her personality can shine.

I’m glad I had the opportunity to work with her. In fact, I’d like to work with her again in the near future for a couple of shoots I’m planning.

Here’s a sneak peek at an outtake:

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